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The IN application will make your visit to the exhibition maximum convenient and efficient

Interactive Guide
Navigator The IN

With The IN app, it won’t take participants of the exhibition long
  • to find out their location in the pavilion,
  • to get in touch with other visitors or managers of the exponent,
  • and also to appoint the place or the meeting by indicating it on the map.

Sign Up

  • When the app starts, the user has to sign up and fill in their details, so other participants in the exhibition can find them in the app, text them in the chat, and set up a meeting.


  • The screen “Exhibitions” contains the info about finished, ongoing and next exhibitions in the expo center.
  • After sign up for the exhibition, the user can download all data on the exhibition (layout, data on exponents, etc.)


  • On the “News” screen, the user can view expo center news,
  • participate in surveys.


On the “Layout” screen, an interactive layout of the downloaded exhibition is displayed.
  • Here the user can identify their location in a pavilion,
  • view a detailed info on exponent by clicking on it on the layout,
  • draw a route to the selected exponent.


  • view the complete info about it,
  • add to favorites,
  • draw a route to it
  • or to get in touch with managers of the exponent in the chat.

People around

  • text them in the chat,
  • set up meetings, indicating the meeting place on the map.

Based on this information, you can get all
sorts of predictions for future events


Event organizers and exhibitors get the following information using the system's web interface:
  • visitor's movement heat map,
  • time every visitor spent near the each exhibitor,
  • exhibitors search statistic per visitor,
  • detailed statistics on user activity in the app.

About us and our vision

  • The IN is a startup project of the Uran group of companies.

    The group of companies includes American, European, and Ukrainian software development companies with more than 11-year history.

Our History



Work has been started on the creation of the indoor navigation algorithm.



The prototype of the platform is created. The prototype allows to build navigation apps on its basis for various fields of application.



Alpha version of the interactive guide navigator system is deployed in the Museum of Textile in Sliven, Bulgaria.



Alpha version of the interactive guide navigator is deployed in Zaporizhzhya Regional Museum of Local Lore, Ukraine, R&D continued to improve both the navigation algorithm, as the entire platform.



It was decided to apply the platform in the exhibition sphere. Preliminary agreements on cooperation with 2 exhibition complexes in Ukraine were made.



The indoor navigation system is being installed in Zaporizhzhya exhibition center Kozak Palace and is being prepared for the commercial operation.

Download App

The application is available for download in AppStore

The application is available for download in GooglePlay

Our Partners

Regional Lore Museum,

Kozak Palace
Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

The Museum of
Textile Industry
in Bulgaria