Privacy Policy

The IN application sends to the developers data necessary to run the application within current functionality, and also to improve the work of the application.

What data is collected and why.
When you use the application, The IN collects and sends data to its servers. Data is stored and processed in the certified European data centers.
This data is necessary for the operation and execution of app functions, collecting statistics, and resolving technical problems.
All data that is collected by the application is processed by The IN according to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy.

Type of dataWhere, why it's used
LocationIs used to determine and display the user's location.
Unique identifier of the mobile deviceIs used to send push notifications.
Unique identifier of the userIs used to send push notifications. Is used to save application settings.
Name, last name, occupation, email addressIs used in business logic of the application, for user sign up in the event, and for communication between participants of the event
Device modelIs used to determine screen resolution and other technical specifications for optimal performance of the application.

The application will not function correctly without this data.
You cannot use the application without this data.
If you do not want to send this data, then do not use the application.